ELECTRODORN hosts a collaboration of professional artisans all part of the process in creating its bespoke products. Finding inspiration in domains such as nature, science and architecture and using a vast range of materials to express these concepts is core to the labels character. 

Some of our Partners:

Family - yes, we have a little help from our folks, generous beyond belief with their time and knowledge. 

Basiliskus 3D - based in Budapest, Hungary, printing our wax models in very high resolution, and casting highly accurate pieces.  

Hermann Viehauser - the Wood Man, and expert carpenter, he handles all the Wooden parts from big and shiny to tiny and intricate.

Fabricio Andre do Carmo - Goldsmith extraordinaire from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Hand-made gold catches as well as hand stitched leather.

Not to mention a few others that contribute to the making of all our babies; Alexander Kroner (enamelling), Petit Point (Embroidery), Thomas Posenanski (leather goods), Lothar Zanaschka (authority on meteorites, fossils and the like), Rudolf Fieglmüller and Christoph Riedel (Stonecutters), Hufnagl (molds, casting and plating) 

Thanks and appreciation goes to all of them for being there for us and contributing to the process.