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The process of creation requires a certain amount of distance, and simultaneously a proximity, to find just the right melange of objective- and subjectiveness to the creation in itself.

We have decided to bridge the gap, by writing our own blog on creative subjects that influence us here at Electrodorn, as well as share with the world our process of creation in carefully documented articles we hope will inspire and entertain you folks! 


Such a curious contraption

We feel inspired! Doing some research on ancient objects that forever affected the history of humankind, one little piece that has certainly made it's mark is the Button. 

What exactly is a button? At first thought some may imagine it to be the row of objects down the front of a shirt, or the very thing that keeps our jeans from falling down around our ankles... these days it is reminisce with navigation on the screen of every smartphone. One thing is for sure, buttons are indispensable and ever-changing in form with their surrounding needs.

The thought for today is: how much attention have we given them, have we ever given them the glory they deserve, has there ever in the history of buttons been a competition to make the most beautiful or the biggest button on the planet? 

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